Peterborough Local Plan judged ‘sound’

Peterborough City Council’s (PCC) new Local Plan has been judged as ‘sound’ by the Planning Inspectorate. This version of the Local Plan will be presented to a meeting of the full council on 24 July 2019 for approval.

If the Local Plan is approved it will set out the city council’s planning policies for Peterborough and the surrounding villages up to 2036.

Eye has the largest rural allocation in the Peterborough area with a total of 336 ‘dwellings’ allocated to the village. These are indicative numbers, house builders can apply to build more in their planning applications as has happened on previous occasions. The area of land south of Northam Close (LP39.2) already has planning permission for 35 homes.

In order (village, dwellings)

  • Eye, 336
  • Wittering, 190
  • Thorney, 171
  • Barnack, 80
  • Helpston, 82
  • Newborough, 54
  • Glinton, 19
  • Peakirk, 14

In the previous Local Plan (SA5 below) which was adopted in 18 April 2012 the village was allocated 389 homes, the majority have already been built. This excludes most of the earlier Bath Road estate.

In the new plan the largest allocation for the village is the 250 home Tanholt Farm (LP39.7) development, current plans show the entrance leading off Eyebury Road to the south of the Primary School.

The Parish Council continues to have concerns around the size of the proposed 250 home development on Eyebury Road. In 2016, like many residents of the village we responded to the consultation for the submission version of the Local Plan; “Eye Parish Council object to the proposed 250 more houses being built in Eye village.The infrastructure of the village needs much improvements before any more more houses are built- school – oversubscribed roads – very often gridlocked especially at peak times, parking also closed up in the high street Doctors surgery – needs expansion to acc”.

The 2011 census, car ownership for Eye found:

  • No car: 236 (13%)
  • One car: 857 (48%)
  • Two or more cars 706 (39%)

For the Tanholt (Site LP39.7) development to progress an outline planning application comprising, amongst other matters, a comprehensive masterplan (LP40) for the whole area will have to be submitted and approved by Peterborough City Council.

The area covered by the Eyebury Road development