Eye Community Speedwatch


Help make the roads in Eye safer and join the Eye Community Speedwatch Team.

The Community Speedwatch team understands speeding is a concern to residents and you want to feel safe when out walking or crossing the roads in the village, but only with your help can we improve it.

We are always looking for volunteers to get actively involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through our village. The volunteers record the details of vehicles that are exceeding the speed limit and submit them to the Police, who will take appropriate action. There’s no time commitment and it can only take an hour of your time to attend.

One of our Speedwatch volunteers talked about why they joined: “I joined Speedwatch to do something positive for the village. Speeding is a danger to everyone who lives in Eye, so I’m proud to be part of the team that works to combat it. The thanks that we get from other villagers shows that our efforts are worthwhile and appreciated.

If you would like more information on how to help make our village a safer place please call the Parish Council on 01733 222037 or email: eyeparishcouncil@btinternet.com. You can read more about the scheme here: www.communityspeedwatch.org

pdf Eye Community Speedwatch poster

In Britain in 2020, over 200 people were killed in collisions involving someone exceeding the speed limit, with a further 1,368 people seriously injured and 2,803 slightly injured. Approximately two-thirds of all these crashes in which people are killed or injured happen on roads with a speed limit of 30mph or less. In 2022 speeding convictions in England reached the highest numbers in a decade, and although the majority do drive safely there is a minority who regularly drive dangerously and above the speed limit.

The distances above are based on an average car size in dry weather. Remember the speed limit is a maximum, not an advisory, drive in a way that’s safe and suitable to the conditions and location.