Leeds Hall Hire

The Leeds Hall is an ideal venue for parties, children’s parties, christenings etc and is reasonably priced to hire.

Local private party - four hour period£60.00
Additional hours – per hour£12.00
Local public function – four hour period£70.00
Additional hours – per hour£12.00
Non local private party – four hour period£150.00
Additional hours – per hour£25.00
Caretakers Fee – Saturday evening bookings£25.00
Friday evening bookings finishing after 10.30pm£20.00
Special All Day Rate – Local. 10.30am to midnight£100.00
All Day Rate – Non local. 10.30am to midnight£200.00
Local Group Activities – per hour£10.00
Commercial Rate per hour, or part + caretaker£25.00
Deposit against damages, breakages and cancellation (Returnable after event)£100

To book the hall please contact the clerk.


Booking form with terms and conditions

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