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Police Surgery – Thursday 29 February 2024

Police drop-in surgeries provide an opportunity for you to meet your local engagement Officer and raise any issues or concerns.

The surgeries are informal with no requirement to book to attend. You can pop in any time between the hours below and you will have the opportunity to speak to the officer about any issues affecting your area, obtain crime prevention advice and raise any concerns.

Monday 29 February 2024, 5pm – 7pm
Leeds Hall, High Street, Eye.

See the Police Surgery Poster


Allison Homes to attend the next Eye Parish Council meeting

Allison Homes will be attending the next Eye Parish Council meeting on Thursday 18 January at 7pm in the Leeds Hall to discuss their proposals for the Eyebury Road development before submitting their reserved matters application. The reserved matters application include the specific details not covered in an approved outline planning application including access, building plans, landscaping and layout. Residents will be able to respond to each part of the plans as they are proposed for the site.

The Eyebury Road site was first put forward for development in the Peterborough Local Plan in 2019 and Outline planning permission was approved by Peterborough City Council in December 2023. House builder Larkfleet Homes has previously put forward plans for 280 homes despite an indicative 250 in the Local Plan. Attached to the development is policy LP40 which puts a number of conditions on the development before it can move forward.

Eye Parish Council has previously objected to this development since it was first included in the Local Plan. For reasons including:

  • Eyebury Road is a busy ‘rat run’ passing the Primary School and goes into a single track
    road to Eastern Industry where the large Red Brick Farm Development has recently been
    approved and this will only add to the volume of traffic.
  • Increase pollution and noise pollution from the proposed development next to our
    primary school and in the centre of our village is of concern,
  • Infrastructure within the village is overstretched already with villagers struggling to get
    in and out due to the road system both on the A47 and the A1139.
  • Doctors/dentists books at capacity, youth facilities and support over stretched.
  • The drainage system throughout the village needs improvement.

And just to note between 2011 an 2021 the population of the parish grew from 4,340 to 5,409, an increase of 1,069 persons or 25.6%, more than any other village in the Peterborough area.

Allison Homes and Larkfleet Homes were purchased by US investment firm PIMCO in November 2021. Larkfleet Homes has since been been rebranded as Allison Homes. PIMCO itself is owned by Allianz SE, a large global financial services company based in Munich, Germany.

Members of the public can put any questions they have in writing before the meeting to the parish council. Details on the contact page, please include “Eye Parish Council meeting, Thursday 18 January, Allison Homes” in the subject.

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Planning permission sort for 300 homes to the east of Eye

Local Plan Review – December 2023

As discussed at this month’s parish council meeting Peterborough City Council is reviewing their local plan, national policy is for the plan to be updated every five years. The local plan is a document which sets out planning policies and proposals for new development which the government requires all local planning authorities to have.

The current plan, which was adopted in 2019, covers development in Peterborough up until 2036. The new Local Plan Review 2023 – 41 is proposed to replace the current local plan.

The process will take approximately three years with several public consultations included. This stage of consultation is asking parish councils for their feedback on the areas of land put forward by land owners and developers for future development. There will be future consultations where residents can give their feedback.

The parish council is also in the early stages of developing a neighbourhood plan.

Areas of land put forward for development.

Further information is available here: Local Plan Review

Useful links

Peterborough City Council considering the sale of Eye Youth Centre and Library.

As was reported in the local newspaper Peterborough City Council is undertaking a review of 70 community buildings in Peterborough. Eye Youth Club and Library building is among these.

The building is used three evenings each week and is also used by the Girl Guides and Brownies which would be difficult to accommodate in other buildings in the village because of their regular users and lack of storage space.

The Junior Youth Club is run by volunteers and is very popular. It is hoped at some point to revive the Senior Youth Club.

The parish council will continue to follow the development of this closely.


Notice of conclusion of audit 2023

Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the year ended 31 March 2023

Sections 20(2) and 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014
Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/234)

The audit of accounts for Eye Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2023 has been completed and the accounts have been published.

The Annual Governance & Accountability Return is available for inspection by any local government elector of the area of Eye Parish Council on application to:

Brenda Stanojevic
Clerk/RFO, Eye Parish Council
The Leeds Hall, High Street
Eye, PE6 7UP

Monday to Friday 10am to 12noon

Copies will be provided to any person on payment of £2 (c) for each copy of the Annual Governance & Accountability Return.

Brenda Stanojevic
28th September 2023


A decade of growth

Further details of the 2021 Census have been released by the Office Of National Statistics (ONS). The new data shows that between 2011 and 2021 Eye (inc Eye Green) has seen the largest growth in population in a 10 year span in it’s history. Between 2011 an 2021 the population of the parish has grown from 4,340 to 5,409, an increase or 1,069 persons or 25.6%.

For comparison over the same time period the population of Peterborough has grown by 17.4% or 32,100, from around 183,600 in 2011 to around 215,700 in 2021. The population of England has grown from 53 million in 2011 to 56 million in 2021, an increase of 5.8% or 3 million.

Population by year

In comparison to other villages in the Peterborough Area, Eye has had one of the highest increases in residents with Thorney in second place and Helpston in third.

2011 – 2021 population growth

Village Population growth

ParishPopulation (2011)Population (2021)Increase in residents

For further comparison Crowland across the border in Lincolnshire has grown from 4,211 to 4,854 (643 persons or 15.3%).

The new housing developments has meant some benefit to the village with 15% of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) going to the Parish Council to pay for improvements around the village. The remaining 85% percent of the CIL goes to Peterborough City Council to spend on city wide infrastructure projects.

Eye Parish Council is in the first phase of developing a neighbourhood plan. If you are an Eye resident and would like to be involved please contact the Parish Clerk.

Read more about the villages growth here.

Data provided Office Of National Statistics