Peterborough Local Plan

Peterborough City Council is developing a new Local Plan (2016 to 2036). The plan sets out a vision for growth and identifies the quantity and sites for new housing, community facilities, shops and employment. Its policies will be the basis for planning decisions. This post will be updated as the plan progresses.

The new plan will replace the Development Plan Document (DPD) which was adopted on the 18 April 2012.  The original 2011 Core Strategy required the development of approximately 600 dwellings in the villages of Eye and Thorney over the period 2009 to 2026. Sites in Eye were identified for an indicative 389 dwellings (The indicative numbers of dwellings are used to demonstrate how the approximate Core Strategy dwelling requirements can be met. It is emphasised that they are only “indicative”, and do not represent a fixed policy target for each individual site).

  • SA5.1 Land off Thorney Road 2.94ha 158 dwellings
  • SA5.2 Land off High Street 2.57ha 25 dwellings
  • SA5.3 Warehouse Rear of 66 Crowland Road 1.28ha 46 dwellings
  • SA5.4 Land South of Nature Reserve 2.44ha 35 dwellings
  • SA5.5 Land North of Thorney Road, adjacent to Dalmark Group 2.49ha 50 dwellings
  • SA5.6 Land off Crowland Road 1.13ha 25 dwellings
  • SA5.7 Land south of Thorney Road 2.62ha 50 dwellings

In the new Local Plan land for another 250 homes to the east of the village has been allocated – shaded in the darker orange below.


  • Purple – Paston Reserve and Norwood (Residential development with an indicative 3,454 dwellings)
  • Green wedge – A protected area where planning permission will not be granted for any development that would reduce the degree of physical separation between the village and the city of Peterborough.
  • Red – New housing since 2005
  • Light orange – Land allocated in the previous plan but not yet developed
  • Dark orange – Newly allocated development land. Site Ref Info LP39.9 (EYE017Hi) Tanholt Farm, Eye – Site area 13.3 Hectares

The council have already consulted on the ‘Further Draft’ version of the Local Plan which ended on the 9 February 2017. You can view the consultation comments here. The proposed new growth was discussed at the Planning Committee on Tuesday 19 Sept 2017. At the meeting, the City Council called for the plan to be deferred due to a recent change in government policy.

If approved it will be voted on at a full council meeting at a future date, followed by six weeks of public consultation. The results would then be sent to the Independent Planning Inspector for a Public Inquiry.

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You can comment on the submission version of the Local Plan here until 11:59 pm on 20 February 2018:

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