Proposed development at Eyebury Road, Eye

Larkfleet Homes are proposing development of approximately 280 new homes (30 more than indicated in the Local Plan) on an area of farmland to the east of Eyebury Road. The proposed plan has the entry and exit to the new estate on to Eyebury Road to the south of the Primary School.

As part of the proposals, Larkfleet is asking for the communities view and will be holding a public exhibition on:

Tuesday 22 May 2018 between 5 pm and 8 pm.
Eye Primary School, Eyebury Road, Eye, PE6 7TD.

Members of the parish council are hoping to attend and we recommend parishioners attend and make their views heard.

The Local Plan has committed the developer to a high level of engagement with appropriate stakeholders including the local community in the development of a Masterplan (below).

Further information on the development and the meeting are available here:


The area of farmland to the east of Eyebury Road (also known as policy LP39.8: Tanholt Farm in the plan) has been allocated for housing by Peterborough City Council in the submission version of the new Local Plan.

The area in orange is what’s covered by the Eyebury Road development

A full list of allocations relating to Eye Parish in the current local plan:

  • LP39.1 Cranmore House, Thorney Road, Eye (14 dwellings*)
  • LP39.2 South of Northam Crescent, Eye (17 dwellings*)
  • LP39.3 Land at Guilsborough Road, Eye Green (55 dwellings*)
  • LP39.4 Land east of Fountains Place, Eye (11 dwellings*)
  • LP39.8 Tanholt Farm, Eye (250 dwellings*)

Just to the west of Eye parish are LP35.6 Norwood and LP35.2 Paston Reserve with a combined total of 2,963 dwellings*.

* Dwelling numbers are indicative.

The plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on 26 March 2018. The plan will be examined by an independent inspector. At the time of this post, the plan has not yet been ‘signed off’.

The area of land proposed for development.

The Peterborough Local Plan required that a master plan would have to be produced prior to the approval of detailed proposals for the Eyebury Road development. Policy LP40 below set out those guiding principles.

Policy LP40: Tanholt Farm, Eye

Prior to the approval of detailed proposals for the site at Tanholt Farm, Eye (Site LP39.8) an outline planning application comprising, amongst other matters, a comprehensive masterplan for the whole area should be submitted and approved by the council.

In developing the masterplan there should be a high level of engagement with appropriate stakeholders including the local community.

The masterplan, together with other material submitted with an outline planning application, should demonstrate achieving the following key principles:

  • The scale of residential development will be subject to a detailed Transport Assessment and Travel Plan which will demonstrate that the quantity of homes proposed is deliverable taking account of; safe and suitable access to the site; and cost-effective and necessary improvements to the transport network. It is anticipated that the scale will be around 250 dwellings, but potentially less following the outcome of the transport assessment;
  • A residential-led scheme, of a range of types and tenures that meet needs and respects the surrounding context;
  • The quality of life of adjacent users, especially residential users which abut the site, should be respected;
  • Ensuring satisfactory provision of education facilities are available, and if not, address these deficiencies on-site;
  • Provision of wider community facilities as identified through consultation with the wider Eye community (subject to viability, deliverability and consideration of long term management of such facilities);
  • Careful consideration of vehicular access to and from the site, the traffic implications for the wider Eye area and junctions on the A47;
  • Provision, including potential off-site provision (secured by legal agreement), of high-quality access for pedestrians and cyclists from, and within, the site to the key community facilities and services in Eye; and
  • Details of the long term governance structure for the development, addressing issues such as community involvement and engagement and any financial arrangements to ensure long term viability of facilities.

With the exception of minor proposals of very limited consequence to the overall redevelopment of the entire site, the council will not approve any detailed planning proposals for any parts of the site until, and subsequently in accordance with, a comprehensive planning permission for the entire site has been achieved (including any agreed Planning Obligation to ensure specific elements of the wider scheme are guaranteed to be delivered).