Wildlife Trust to no longer manage Eye Green Nature Reserve

From 5 September 2016 the Wildlife Trust Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire will no longer be managing Eye Green Nature Reserve.

“The wildlife value of the site has been, and will continue to be, diminished due to an increase in housing development close to the site.”


Update: The parish council met with Darren Sharpe, Natural & Historic Environment Manager, Peterborough City Council and James Collingridge, Amey Partnership Manager at July’s Parish Council meeting.

The City Council will engage with the community and take advice on management from the Wildlife Trust. Recently there has been a lack of funding and investment in the reserve. The tall poplar trees have been surveyed and need work on them and some will need to be felled but replacements will be planted. The site is of archaeological interest and Natural England are to visit.

The bridges are to inspected by specialists – one at the rear of the site is low in the water and any remedial action will be taken. The Health and Safety Officer has visited twice. By 5 September 2016, all the signs will be updated and in different languages. Amey will be doing the general grounds work although it may be difficult in some areas to get the mowers in. There will be a management plan for the nature reserve which will be shared between the Parish Council and the Wardens – the current wardens will remain. Dog fouling continues to be an issue, even with the two bins that are on the site.

At the moment there are brambles/trees and bushes which encroach onto the footpaths. These are cut back every year and a volunteer group can help with this. The work the wardens do is very much appreciated. The intention is to achieve high standards and preserve the characteristics of the area.