The 2016 Dog Microchipping Legislation

On the 6 April 2016 all dogs over the age of eight weeks in England, Scotland and Wales will be legally required to be microchipped and their details registered. If you fail to get your dog chipped, or if the local council picks it up and you are reunited, you will have a short period of time in which to get it chipped. If you miss the deadline you could face a fine of up to £500. Currently, it costs between £20-£30 to have your dog microchipped at the vet.


The idea behind this move, which has been campaigned for by numerous animal pressure groups working collectively as the Microchipping Alliance, a group which includes the British Veterinary Association, the Kennel Club, the Dogs Trust and the RSPCA, is to encourage all dog owners to take responsibility for keeping their pet.

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