Local Plan Review – December 2023

As discussed at this month’s parish council meeting Peterborough City Council is reviewing their local plan, national policy is for the plan to be updated every five years. The local plan is a document which sets out planning policies and proposals for new development which the government requires all local planning authorities to have.

The current plan, which was adopted in 2019, covers development in Peterborough up until 2036. The new Local Plan Review 2023 – 41 is proposed to replace the current local plan.

The process will take approximately three years with several public consultations included. This stage of consultation is asking parish councils for their feedback on the areas of land put forward by land owners and developers for future development. There will be future consultations where residents can give their feedback.

The parish council is also in the early stages of developing a neighbourhood plan.

Areas of land put forward for development.

Further information is available here: Local Plan Review

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