A decade of growth

Further details of the 2021 Census have been released by the Office Of National Statistics (ONS). The new data shows that between 2011 and 2021 Eye (inc Eye Green) has seen the largest growth in population in a 10 year span in it’s history. Between 2011 an 2021 the population of the parish has grown from 4,340 to 5,409, an increase or 1,069 persons or 25.6%.

For comparison over the same time period the population of Peterborough has grown by 17.4% or 32,100, from around 183,600 in 2011 to around 215,700 in 2021. The population of England has grown from 53 million in 2011 to 56 million in 2021, an increase of 5.8% or 3 million.

Population by year

In comparison to other villages in the Peterborough Area, Eye has had one of the highest increases in residents with Thorney in second place and Helpston in third.

2011 – 2021 population growth

Village Population growth

ParishPopulation (2011)Population (2021)Increase in residents

For further comparison Crowland across the border in Lincolnshire has grown from 4,211 to 4,854 (643 persons or 15.3%).

The new housing developments has meant some benefit to the village with 15% of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) going to the Parish Council to pay for improvements around the village. The remaining 85% percent of the CIL goes to Peterborough City Council to spend on city wide infrastructure projects.

Eye Parish Council is in the first phase of developing a neighbourhood plan. If you are an Eye resident and would like to be involved please contact the Parish Clerk.

Read more about the villages growth here.

Data provided Office Of National Statistics