Peterborough Local Development Framework Public Consultation

Peterborough Local Development Framework Public Consultation

  1. I am writing to let you know that Peterborough City Council will be carrying out Public Consultation on the following three important planning policy documents:
    Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) – Proposed Submission
  2. Planning Policies Development Plan Document (DPD) – Consultation Draft
  3. Design and Development in Selected Villages Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) – Consultation Draft

Consultation on all three documents will take place between 9.00am on 11th February and 5.00pm on 24th March 2011. No representations or other comments will be accepted outside this consultation period.

At the bottom of this e-mail is a copy of the public notice which explains that copies of the documents are available for inspection, and where and when you can see them.


The Consultation Documents

1. Peterborough Site Allocations DPD – Proposed Submission

The Site Allocations DPD identifies land for different types of development to deliver the planned growth of Peterborough. The document also sets out a number of policies that relate to safeguarding areas. Consultation has previously taken place in October 2008 and March 2010. Comments received at those stages are available via

We are now consulting on the final version of the Document, known as the ‘Submission’ version. The Document, together with all representations (comments) received during the 11th February – 24th March consultation period will be submitted to the Secretary of State, who will subsequently appoint an Inspector to hold an ‘Examination’ into the soundness of the Document. If you do make comments, they will be considered by the Inspector and you may be asked by the Inspector whether you wish to also appear at a Public Examination. We will prepare a summary report of all the main issues raised during the consultation period, and make that report available.

For further information on the Site Allocations Document please contact Gemma Wildman, Principal Planner, on 01733 863824 or email


2. Peterborough Planning Policies DPD – Consultation Draft

The Planning Policies DPD will provide detailed planning policy to help in determining planning applications. In the early stages of preparing the Planning Policies DPD, we consulted on an ‘Issues and Options’ document (October-November 2008). This identified possible issues to be addressed and alternative policy approaches for each one. A report summarising comments received at that earlier stage is available via

We have now prepared a Consultation Draft version of the document, and welcome your views on it. Following this consultation, we will review all the comments made and prepare a Proposed Submission version of the document, which will be subject to further public consultation.

For further information on the Planning Policies Document please contact Harj Kumar, Senior Planner, on 01733 863852 or email


3. Design and Development in Selected Villages SPD – Consultation draft

This document only relates to selected villages in the city council area, whereby it sets out detailed, village specific, planning policies to help in determining planning applications in those specific villages. We have worked very closely with the applicable parish councils in preparing the draft, but now is the opportunity for anyone to make their views known. All comments will be taken into account before the SPD is revised and considered by the Council for adoption later in 2011.

For further information on the Design and Development in Selected Villages Document please contact Jim Daley, Principal Planner, on 01733 453522 or email


How to Make Comments on all Three Documents

The Site Allocations DPD and the Planning Policies DPD can be viewed online and comments directly made, via We encourage representations to be made via this link as it saves resources and paper and it is easier, quicker and cheaper for us to analyse your comments and inform you of any future consultations. Various guidance notes to assist on where to find the documents and how to make comments can be downloaded from the respective supporting documents tabs.

The SPD is available to view online at but because of the limited and localised interest in this document, we have saved preparation and set up costs by not enabling comments to be made directly online on this document.

For all three documents, we are happy to receive your representations through the post or by e-mail using the contact details below. Telephone or other verbal messages will not be registered as formal comments (though, of course, we are happy to discuss any of the plans with you). If you do email or write, we would prefer it if you could use the standard comments forms