Eye Green Nature Reserve – Gallery

Eye Nature Reserve contains a wide range of flora and fauna. Fenland farmland is a relatively sterile landscape for wildlife and according to a map developed by Forest Research, tree cover across the Eye, Newborough and Thorney ward is just 1.7%, the lowest in Peterborough so havens such as this are extremely important.

The reserve provides a habitat for wetland birds including coots, geese and moorhens, The best time to see wetland wildfowl is during the winter months as they escape the harsh winters of their more northerly breeding grounds. The reed beds and finger lakes to the northern side of the reserve provide important habitats for amphibians, invertebrates and small mammals. The grassland and woodland support a wide range of plant species and during the summer months you will spot various species of dragonflies and butterfly’s around the site. The trees and shrubs support other bird life such as the more common sparrows, starlings and finches as well as dunnocks, fieldfares and willow warblers. In the winter you may even catch Canada Geese and seagulls on the lake.

The reserve is currently maintained by Peterborough City Council. There is also a group called ‘Friends of Eye Green Nature Reserve‘ who keep an eye on the reserve and litter pick.

Below you will find photos and further information of just a few of the plants and wildlife that inhabit the reserve.

Unless it says otherwise all photos below were taken around the reserve by local photographer Adam Miller. They are free to use for educational purposes.

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Eye Green Nature Reserve


Moorhens – the two parents have just dived beneath the surface in the search for food.

You may even spot one of our more domesticated predators…


The footpath around the north end of the reserve



Eye Green Nature Reserve at Sunset

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