Parish Council Meeting Dates

calendarMembers of the public are welcome to attend and listen to debate, they can raise any views they may have in the first 10 minutes of the meeting. You can also contact the Parish Council here.


  • Thursday 7 December


  • Thursday 18 January
  • Thursday 15 February
  • Thursday 15 March
  • Thursday 19 April
  • Thursday 17 May
    (Annual Meeting of the Parish Council)
    (Annual Parish Meeting for Parishioners)
  • Thursday 21 June
  • Thursday 19 July
  • Thursday 16 August
  • Thursday 20 September
  • Thursday 18 October
  • Thursday 15 November
  • Thursday 6 December

Annual Meetings
There are two distinct annual meetings held every year.

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council
At this meeting the parish council elect the chairman, make annual appointments and review their insurance etc.

Annual Parish Meeting for Parishioners
All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting, which must take place between 1 March and the 1 June (inclusive).

It is an opportunity for the parish council to report on what it’s been up to during the year, for other village organisations make presentations. If you live in the parish of Eye this is an opportunity to ask questions that concern you about life in the village.